Sanders LLP Announces that Michael Sanders is Now an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.

Sanders LLP is pleased to announce that Michael Sanders has become a member of the American Arbitration Association’s commercial arbitration and energy arbitration panels. This appointment is in addition to his earlier appointment to the AAA’s mediation panel.   

Mr. Sanders is excited to bring his skills in litigation management for the benefit of parties in arbitrations administered by the AAA. When selecting an arbitrator, litigants can be assured that Mr. Sanders is always conscientious to familiarize himself with the applicable rules, procedures, and subject matter.

Mr. Sanders is a member of AAA’s energy arbitration panel. Parties with energy disputes pending before the AAA will benefit from Mr. Sanders’ specialized experience in the oil & gas industry. An arbitrator with his experience is able to speak the language of the energy industry with the parties and their attorneys, saving them the extra time and trouble it would take to explain complex concepts to an arbitrator without similar experience. Mr. Sanders also has experience on both sides of most types of potential oil & gas disputes. During the course of his practice, Mr. Sanders has not represented just one kind of client, such as operators, service companies, or royalty owners. He has represented operators and non-operators, service companies and producers, royalty owners and royalty payors, and surface owners and oil companies. His experience allows him to understand and appreciate both sides’ positions in an oil & gas dispute. 

In addition to serving as an arbitrator on energy disputes, Mr. Sanders is also a member of AAA’s commercial arbitration panel. With his extensive experience in a variety of commercial disputes, he is well is qualified to arbitrate any number of commercial disputes. During his over 20 years of practicing law, Mr. Sanders has represented parties in cases involving asset sales, non-competition agreements, sales of businesses, commercial real estate, business dissolutions, and faulty industrial equipment, to name a few.  

Mr. Sanders is also available to serve in arbitrations that are not administered by the AAA. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in this service. Mr. Sanders can be reached at or